Gamer designs custom Titanfall Xbox One


Titanfall was expected to have it’s own unique Xbox One console, thanks to Microsoft, but there hasn’t been much information on the product for quite some time. One person has decided to put their creativity to good use and make their own custom Titanfall console. It doesn’t look too shabby either.

A user over on Reddit, Nal1200 has also provided some images of their custom Xbox One decal, which came to fruition due to this brushed titanium skin from iCarbons.

Then they designed the black motif using Photoshop and applied it to the Xbox One’s body. The decals can be downloaded from here just in case you would like to make your own.

This actually looks very cool and just shows what people can do given the right amount of resources and time. Titanfall will be the game to own this year for people that have an Xbox One console. They now can not only have the the game when it launches, but a designed console that stands out in the crowd.

That old statement which says, “If you want something done right do it yourself” definitely applies here.

 You can leave a comment below on your opinions with how this looks, and also how it compares to the one by Microsoft?

Thanks to DualShockers for providing the information.

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