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House of Cards Season 2: Three Final Trailers Highlight the Deceptions (Video)

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We are just three days away from the release of the second season of the highly acclaimed Netflix Original Series House of Cards. Earlier today, Netflix unveiled the final three trailers for the series’ second outing.

Now, there is both good news and bad news regarding the series. The good news is that in typical Netflix fashion, the entire season will become available at the same time. However, on the flip side, we will have to somehow make these episodes last until 2015 when Season 3 will be unveiled. If you are anything like me, you have a habit of binge watching your favorite shows on Netflix, so making things stretch can be a little challenging at times.

In the first trailer, entitled “Welcome Back,” we watch as Frank, who is played in the series by Kevin Spacey, is being sworn in as the Vice President. He calmly explains that for those of them who are rising to the top of the food chain, there can be no mercy. We all know how ruthless Frank can be, but the real question is, does he have a limit?


The second trailer highlights the trials and tribulations of Frank’s wife Claire, who is played in the series by Robin Wright. She has certainly made a lot of sacrifices for Frank over the course of their relationship. Will her dedication be rewarded, or will everything blow up in their faces?

The third and final trailer outlines Frank’s definition of politics.

“What you’re asking is just shy of treason.” She says. “Just shy, which is politics.” Frank says.


House of Cards will return for Season 2 on Friday, February 14thon Netflix.

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