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LeBron James with the huge dunk in traffic (GIF)

LeBron James can take over any game at any point. The grind of the long season combined with the exhaustion that comes with the coverage around a guy like him buries our appreciation of that from time to time.

This season a topic of some interest has been whether or not James is “into it” night in and night out. As in, does he take some nights off? If he does slack from time to time, though, how much of a difference would it really make?

In the first half of Tuesday night’s game against the Phoenix Suns, James showed his ability to finish at the rim in traffic.


So if that is what James can do when things are somewhat contested, imagine what he can do when the lane is left open.


I’m not sure which part of that play is more enjoyable: the huge dunk itself or the flourishes when James is dribbling at the beginning of the play.

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