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Liverpool boss Brendan Rodgers hails the revival of Martin Skrtel

Liverpool got a big win over league-leading Arsenal on Saturday, scoring four goals in the first 20 minutes. Two of those goals came from defender Martin Skrtel, who subsequently and deservedly received the praise of his coach.

“He looks a class act,” Brendan Rodgers told the Liverpool Echo, via Sky Sports. “It’s a big credit to him that he’s been able to prove me right.

“I brought in a way I wanted to work, on the training field and in games, and for the second half of last season he didn’t feature much.

“He had a choice, he could either throw the toys out the pram, or he could sit down with the manager and the coaching staff and see what areas he needed to improve.

“Now, you see a player with great intelligence in his defence, his use of the ball is composed and he has taken on a real leadership role. His performance levels, consistently, have been of a high level.

“He is up there with the top centre halves in this league, and I am delighted for him.”

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