Sochi Olympics: Bob Costas slams shot of vodka (Video)

Bob Costas is a legend, and that legend continues to grow by the day during the 2014 Winter Olympics thanks to his increasingly red eyes and willingness to man the NBC sports desk despite the eye infection.

However, nothing will help Costas reach the next level more than what he did when speaking with NBC Olympic contributor Mary Carillo on Monday.

Following a package on Russian vodka production, Costas took a shot of vodka and slammed it in a way that would make a frat boy proud.

“I’m looking at it this way — my eyes can’t get any redder, no matter what I do,” Costas said. “Tomorrow morning I’ll be laying on a curb in Minsk.”

NBC announced Tuesday morning that Costas would be replaced by Matt Lauer for tonight’s primetime show, but there is no word on whether it is because of the eye infection or his vodka consumption. We hope both.

You can watch Costas slam down the shot of Vodka below:

Be sure to stay tuned to throughout the Sochi Olympics, for the latest news, results and updates for the Winter Games.

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