Sochi Olympics hockey: Team Canada preview

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This version of Team Canada could be a squad of destiny heading into Sochi.

If you think that the mythos of Sidney Crosby can’t get any bigger, just wait until March. By that point, No. 87 might have one-upped his most special accomplishment. The Pittsburgh Penguin and most dynamic offensive player of our generation buried the United States in overtime to win the Gold Medal in 2010.

In front of a home crowd, no less.

Crosby’s tally is one of the most important in Canadian history, but even that exploit might shrink a little bit when you think about what he could do next: Take down the Russians on their own turf.

Of course it’s not just Crosby on this team that is loaded with veteran talent. Every four years we’re made aware of the fact that Canada’s B-team could win the tourney, and every four years every other nation has to swallow that pill. Canada isn’t guaranteed Gold—not by a long shot—but there’s no denying that they’re more stacked than anyone else in the tourney.

Anytime that Patrice Bergeron or John Tavares is going to be your fourth line center, you know the lineup is ridiculous.

The Canadians appear poised to play just about any style of hockey that you could imagine. They didn’t go as speed heavy as the Americans, but they have a size component that no other nation can match line for line. The big ice will be a factor, but don’t think that forwards like Ryan Getzlaf have suddenly forgotten how to skate.

Here’s a look at the roster from top to bottom, and who to keep an eye on during the Winter Games.

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