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Who Will Start For Team USA? Ryan Miller or Jonathan Quick? Not Even Dan Bylsma Knows

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For some it might sound like an easy decision. For others, it might be a harder decision to make. Who will be the starter for Team USA when they kickoff their tournament on Thursday?

US coach Dan Bylsma reportedly still hasn’t figured that out himself. He talked about his goaltending today.

“I think one of the strengths of our team is the goaltending… We are dealing from a point of strength.”

It’s true, with Ryan Miller, Jonathan Quick and Jimmy Howard as the three American goalies, the US does have one of the stronger goaltending corps at the Games. However, it has to be decided soon on who will start the first game.

Miller was the starter in 2010 in Vancouver and was named the tournament MVP. Does that mean he thinks he should be the starter?

“I would hope I would be more experienced and have some knowledge to draw on, so I hope I am more involved as a person and a goaltender…Again, it is a quick tournament, anything can happen. I’m just trying to be focused and ready.”

Miller might have gotten the job nearly done in 2010, but Quick has been the more successful of the two in the NHL. With a Stanley Cup win under his belt, Quick holds that over Miller. However, he has battled through an injury-plagued season.

Bylsma is confident no matter who he picks.

“I don’t think I would just want one great goalie to make the decision easier… We left some very good goalies at home with the three we selected. I think it makes it a great decision because I think whether you go with Jimmy, Ryan or Jon, you are going to have a great goalie in net.”

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