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Apple set to announce new Apple TV in April

The world is waiting for a new line of Apple products to come out, and while we have only heard rumors about an iPhone 6 on the horizon, the technology company did make a significant announcement on Wednesday. According to Variety, Apple is set to announce a new set-top Apple TV this April that will be best version of the product yet.

You may be wondering how a box that costs nearly $100 can get any better than it already is, but it’s actually a lot cooler than the cynic in you thinks.

Per Variety:

The new product is said to have a faster processor and upgraded interface. Though the release date could be subject to change as Apple secures new deals with programming and distribution partners, the company hopes to have the new device available in time for the holiday sales season.

Apple is also reportedly in talks with Time Warner Cable to reach a landmark deal to partner with company and their programming. Such a deal would be the first time the company has partnered with a pay-TV provider. The product doesn’t have a release date yet and the unveiling of the new Apple TV box is expected to take place in April wight he product line launching not long after that.

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