Dec 29, 2013; Miami Gardens, FL, USA; New York Jets kicker Nick Folk (2) kicks a field goal as Miami Dolphins safety Jimmy Wilson (27) tries for the block during the second half of the game at Sun Life Stadium. The Jets defeated Miami 20-7. Mandatory Credit: Brad Barr-USA TODAY Sports

Jets kicker Nick Folk wants goalposts with four uprights

Ever since the NFL announced the idea of possibly eliminating (or at least radically altering) extra-point kicks, a slew of proposals have been put forth about the best and most fair way of changing the pre-existing system.

Of all the people to offer ideas, New York Jets kicker Nick Folk has provided by far the best proposal.

As reported Wednesday, Folk’s solution to the PAT dilemma is to insert an extra set of uprights between the already-existing pair. The new uprights, positioned nine feet apart, would become the new targets for PAT kicks. Also, field goals that travel through the narrower uprights could made to be worth four points as opposed to three, and field goals kicked between the middle uprights from 50 yards away could be worth five points.

Uh, yeah. This is a genius idea.

Folk said that while his proposed idea would be fairly easy to implement, he doesn’t believe the NFL will go for it:

All they’d have to do is just have [every stadium] get new uprights. Most teams re-paint or just get new ones every year because the weather discolors them and they need to be a certain color for NFL standards.

It was something I thought of. It would be a fun way to make the extra point more interesting. If you get more points, it would fit with what they want: They want a more exciting game. But I don’t think that would happen.

Come on, NFL. This is such a better idea than abolishing extra points altogether.


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  • DutchS

    How about making every punt one point for the receiving team? It would cut into the fourth down and weenie plays.