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John Travolta cast as next James Bond villain?

John Travolta has been on a 1970s dance floor, he’s been in a comic book movie, he’s been in a Tarantino flick and he’s even played a woman. Now the Oscar nominated actor may be entering the James Bond universe as the actor has dropped very cryptic hints that he’s in on the upcoming Bond 24.

According to an interview Travolta did with The Telegraph, he some how has the inside track on what is in store for the next Bond villains which means one of three things. Either Travolta has been offered the role, he’s lying through his teeth or he cornered Barbara Broccoli and wouldn’t stop creeping it up until she told him something.

Per The Telegraph:

They’re going a different way with their villain in this next film but I’ve spoken to Barbara Broccoli about it and she loves the idea, so that would be great.

How Travolta got the inside track on the next Bond villain is a movie in of itself, but the fact of the matter is he’d be a polarizing option. As Jacob Hall noted, Travolta can ham it up but he’s the wrong kind of hammy for Bond.

Still, it’d be an interesting option and if he dials back the cheese and leaves the lat suit from Hairspray at home, we might be onto something with him as a Bond villain.

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