Dec 10, 2013; Cleveland, OH, USA; Cleveland Cavaliers center Andrew Bynum sits on the bench during a game against the New York Knicks at Quicken Loans Arena. Cleveland won 109-94. Mandatory Credit: David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

NBA Rumors: Cavs kicked Andrew Bynum out of practice for shooting too much

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The Cleveland Cavaliers no longer have to deal with Andrew Bynum as they traded the unhappy center to the Chicago Bulls, who subsequently released him.

After a few weeks of waiting, Bynum eventually signed with the Indiana Pacers – but what lead to Cavaliers eventually pulling the plug on Bynum? Apparently, his desire to shoot far too much.

Bynum was allegedly kicked out of practice by the Cavaliers because he simply refused to stop shooting the ball – no matter where he was on the court.

Per Yahoo Sports:

Before Bynum was thrown out of his final practice and suspended, he was shooting the ball every time he touched it in a practice scrimmage, sources said – from whatever remote part of the court he had caught the ball.

That’s so childish it’s hard to believe. But then again, we’ve seen some of Bynum’s previous antics and it really doesn’t seem that outlandish given everything we know.

Clearly, Bynum’s attitude was an issue – hopefully it won’t disrupt the Indiana Pacers winning ways.

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