Shani Davis only blames himself after poor performance


Shani Davis would have made history if he was to win the 1000 meter race in speed skating. He was close, but would eventually fall far from the podium, finishing in eighth place, which was disappointing to say the least.

He had just one sentence to describe his performance. From ESPN,

“I just got my ass kicked,” he said afterwards.

It’s unknown what the cause was for Davis’ poor showing. No one think it was his physical or mental condition, but some are saying it could be the added pressure that came with trying to make Olympic history.

 “I was skating hard,” he said. “Soooo hard. And it just wasn’t there.”

Afterwards, he didn’t know why. Maybe it had something to do with the ice. Perhaps temperatures in the low 60s had something to do with creating softer ice conditions. But every skater had to deal with that. And the Dutch certainly haven’t had any problems, after sweeping the 500 and 5,000 and then finishing first and third here on Wednesday night.

“I executed it about maybe 40 percent of the race but the other 60 percent of the race wasn’t good skating,” Davis said.


Maybe it was the heavily-hyped new racing suit that Under Armor had top secretly designed, promising groundbreaking technology that was supposed to lead to never-before seen performance.

Or maybe, at 31 years old, this was the beginning of the end. Whatever the case, Davis refused to blame anyone but himself.


“There’s no excuse, man. Nothing physical that went wrong or anything else,” he said. “I just didn’t have the speed in the lap and that’s something I’ve always had against my competitors. That’s a part of the race I usually shine in. But today for some reason I wasn’t able to do it.”

Whatever the case may be, Shani Davis didn’t finish high enough to stand on the podium, and he certainly didn’t make history. It’s a tough loss for Davis as well as America as a whole, who I’m sure was behind him 100%.

What do you think could have been the reason behind his defeat? Was it his age, or the pressure, or maybe something totally different? Leave a comment below.


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