Sochi Olympics, women's halfpipe results: Kaitlyn Farrington takes gold; Torah Bright finishes 2nd

Kaitlyn Farrington and Kelly Clark celebrate gold and bronze finishes in the women’s halfpipe. Photo Credit: NBC

In the women’s halfpipe final at the 2014 Winter Olympics, the United States women were looking to do something the men’s team failed to do and land on the medal podium. With three medal contenders, they had a real shot and were able to get off to a brilliant start.

After the first run, the United States had a strong showing with Hannah Teter (90.50) in first and Kaitlyn Farrington (85.75) in second. Torah Bright of Australia and Kelly Clark of the U.S. were throwing down some incredible runs, but falls midway derailed their scores and left them with one more opportunity to reach medal position.

Farrington improved on her first run to score an impressive 91.75 to vault into first place with just a few runs to go. Teter fell on her second run, but the first score was enough to keep her in second with three riders to go.

Bright’s final run landed her a score of 91.50 to land in second place, but unable to defend her 2010 gold medal with just one rider to go.

Kelly Clark through down an admirable run, but she had a bit of a scrub midway through the run which held her out of the top two spots. She was still able to do enough to land the bronze, while Bright claimed silver and Farrington claimed the gold.

Here are the final results:

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