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Antonio Bastardo: 'I made a mistake'

In terms of the baseball players who have been dinged for PED use, Antonio Bastardo may or may not have registered as a player people actually cared about. Sure, he is a useful left-handed relief pitcher with career left in front of him, but I’m not sure if people would have noticed if he addressed his suspension or not.

Nevertheless, Bastardo discussed the issue at Philadelphia Phillies camp on Thursday (quotes from CSN Philly):

I made a mistake…I met this guy one day in 2012. I was thinking I needed some help. I did it just once and I ended up on the list. It was a bad situation.

“I’m mad at myself. It was a mistake I made and I paid the price. I never did it again, just that one spring training, never in the regular season or in 2013.”

You know things are going to end badly when a story starts, “I met this guy one day in 2012…” I bet Bastardo is far from the only person, across many walks of life, who regrets the outcome of a story that started that way.

His candor is appreciated here, though, and the accountability he offered will get him a lot further than it would have to try and dodge the issue. Now he can just worry about contributing out of the bullpen for the Phillies.

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