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Buck Showalter encouraged by early turnout at Baltimore Orioles camp

The Baltimore Orioles are a hard team to figure out right now. Coming off two seasons in which they were relevant in the standings, no matter how much we wanted to attribute it to luck or anything else, they face a difficult order in 2014. With a rotation that desperately needs help, their lineup might only be able to take them so far.

For now, the Orioles have apparently had a number of players report to camp early. Buck Showalter is very happy with the dynamic at the moment (quotes from the Baltimore Sun):

It’s the most I’ve ever had in 30-something years this early…The facility is one [reason]. It’s a great facility … This place buzzes the whole offseason. … I think they like being here. It’s a good environment. They know they’re not going to come in here, and it’s going to be some dictatorial boot camp. It’s going to be somewhat casual.”

In 2012 the Orioles far outperformed their Pythagorean win expectation (by 11 games). In 2013 they were even with their expected wins, but if they want to have any hope of being in the mix in a stacked AL East in 2014, they better plan on overachieving once again. Maybe having guys report early to their posh facility is a good first step.

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