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iPhone 6 rumors: leaked images show larger screen, rounded edges

As we all anxiously await official details on the next iPhone, plenty of rumors have been circulating around the Internet. The latest rumor, however, comes with a little proof that shows a rumored iPhone 6 with a leaked image.

In the image from, which you can see above, the iPhone 6 appears to be much larger than previous versions of the Apple mobile device.

The phone also has rounded edges, which is a throwback to the old iPhone 3G and something that Samsung has had great success with in the past. The phone is also thinner than some of the previous devices.

If the image is accurate, then all of the previous rumors that claimed the iPhone 6 will have a larger screen appear to be true.

As, “the design will be like a cross between the current iPad Air and the iPod Touch.”

Of course, you could also say the new design is inspired by the Samsung Note and Samsung S4, which have been some of the top non-Apple competitors in the smartphone market.

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