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Sochi Olympics: Al Michaels tells Dan Patrick he's 'going to get lucky'

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It seems as if the world can’t get enough of Daft Punk.

Of course, quoting some of their lyrics on television – especially during Sochi Olympic Coverage, might not be the best of ideas.

Famed broadcaster Al Michaels is likely learning that this morning.

Michael and fellow studio host Dan Patrick were discussing their evening plans during Wednesday nights broadcast in which Patrick suggested he was thinking of attending the hockey matchup between Canada and Norway, though changed his mind and suggested he would attend the men’s figure skating competition instead.

Michaels questioned him – believing he was going to go see the Daft Punk concert considering he had been singing their popular tune all day.

The two exchanged banter before Michaels suggested to Patrick that he was ‘going to get lucky’, playing off the Daft Punk song. Only, it didn’t really come out that way.

A lot of strange things going on in Sochi this year, eh?

At least Michaels didn’t start quoting Lil’ Kim or anything. Though, that somehow might have been even better.

H/T Guyism

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