Sochi Olympics: Norwegian curling team could be breaking rules with pants

The Norwegian curling team has been applauded for their absurd outfits (especially their pants) not only by fans, but fellow competitors as well who love the attention the wardrobe brings to the sport.

But apparently, there might be some issues that violate the IOC’s (International Olympic Committee) uniform rules.

According to (via Geekosystem), because the Norwegian’s wear a different pair of pants for every match, the IOC could potentially deem them not to be wearing an official uniform.

Apparently rumors have surfaced that the International Olympics Committee isn’t happy about it, and other onlookers, such as sport and Aftonbladet, have even suggested that because the team wears a different pair every time they play, the pants might be considered “unofficial” and could be against proper uniform code.

The Norwegian curling team apparently got wind of the issue and decided to take a picture without pants in ‘protest’.


All said, it’s really not known if the Norwegian’s are breaking any rules because the IOC has yet to give an official response, though all of the issues may end up in a new rule being made for the next Winter Olympics.

It does not appear at this time that any punishment will be bestowed for the wardrobe, though it’s something to keep an eye on.

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