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Charles Barkley rapping 'Gin and Juice' goes terribly wrong (Video)

The NBA on TNT crew is already in New Orleans ready for the 2014 NBA All-Star Weekend and it appears analyst Charles Barkley was preparing by getting, well, you know.

The former NBA legend spent (I assume) Thursday evening at The Cat’s Meow in the Big Easy where he was invited on stage to rap to the popular 1993 Snoop Dogg song, ‘Gin & Juice’.

Only problem? Barkley not only appeared to be on the gin and juice himself, but had absolutely no idea of the lyrics. I mean really – he was fumbling all over the place. Not only that, he just started replacing words with whatever he felt sounded appropriate at the moment.

Thankfully the destruction was somewhat saved by a couple of the club hype men who attempted to assist Barkley, but he just continued to snowball.

Not sure what was worse here – this or his golf swing.

Have a feeling we’ll be seeing the guys crack on him all weekend for this – rightfully so after such a terrible performance.

The video contains NSFW language.

H/T Deadspin

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