Game of Thrones: Scotland Warns of White Walkers (Photo)

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We are just under two months away from the return of one of the most watched series on HBO, Game of Thrones. We have seen many things over the past few weeks, new images, behind the scenes footage, and even a new trailer. However, earlier today, HBO’s UK Twitter site showed fans something they may not have seen before.

If you have watched the show or read the books, you are familiar with the White Walkers. The White Walkers are an ancient race that is known for killing everything in their path. They grow their armies with every battle as they reanimate the corpses of the fallen into wights to join their ranks.

To make a long story short, they are the zombies of Westeros.

Well, if you plan on taking a leisurely stroll with the one you love this Valentine’s Day, and you happen to be in one of the many snow-covered regions around the world, you had better keep your eyes open for the appearance of these ruthless, ancient creatures. Just in case you happen to stumble upon one of them, there is help available to get you through that sticky situation.

HBO’s UK Twitter site posted an Instagram photo from a fan that showed a sign ground that said “In Case of White Walkers Break Glass.” The sign was accompanied by a small glass case with a dagger inside. I mean, you will need to defend yourself, of course.

Here is a look at the warning sign.

So as I said, if you are out for a leisurely stroll, just make sure that you keep your eyes open and make sure that you are prepared for any White Walkers that may come your way.

Game of Thrones returns for an epic fourth season on Sunday, April 6th on HBO

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