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Brandon Weeden just wants to play football and win games

The Cleveland Browns may have their quarterback in Brian Hoyer, unfortunately that means the bench for Brandon Weeden. There were reports that Weeden wanted out of Cleveland to pursue an opportunity else where, and on Friday he made more vague statements about simply wanting to play and not addressing his status with the Browns.

I want to play football,” Weeden told the Oklahoman. “I don’t care. I just want to play football and be at a place where it’s enjoyable and we can compete and win games. That’s really what it’s all about.”

“I understand the business side of everything that’s going on,” Weeden said. “It’s kind of out of my control, because I’m still under contract. The ball’s kind of in their court, depending on what they want to do and do with me going forward. I kind of have no control over it. It is what it is, and things will work out.”

There might not be a huge trade market for him so he might need to be released to pursue another opportunity.

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  • Letterman007

    There is only one place he can go and have a chance at playing every game and winning, can you say Arena Football, because he has already proven he can’t do that in the NFL !!! He just doesn’t have it or get it !! He could be with the Seahawks and still couldn’t win! He is missing it upstairs!!

  • Gary

    Go back to college for another 5 years

  • John Duquette

    Be gentle boys he is following his other dream after washing out of baseball. He will not be around much longer maybe the Steelers can pick him up