NBA Slam Dunk Contest 2014: Fans react to new format on Twitter

When the 2014 NBA Slam Dunk Competition began on Saturday night, fans were introduced to a new format that left everyone confused. There was a “freestyle” portion added to the contest, where players from the East and West threw down dunks at their own will.

However, instead of being entertaining and getting the fans excited, people were left wondering what the hell was going on.

Here is what the fans had to say:






What are your thoughts on the new dunk contest format? Sound off in the comments section below.

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  • TheAdventures ofBread


  • Dave Cline

    3pt competition – old format was better and more fair. Dunk-off and skills competition should obviously be individual competitions. Props and long boring irrelevant introductions should be banned from the dunk off. What is with the lights dimmed out so you can’t see the crowd? Stupid. Several years ago they used to show more of the crowds reactions and capture them better until Sprite standard sponsoring it. The camera work and the MC sucked too – dry and what was up with the glazed eyes. Why didn’t they have Kenny do that if they wanted an MC?

    Go back to the old format and get rid of all the gimmicks. Its the last all-star I watch, even when it comes to Toronto where I live unless they change the format back. What a waste of time.

    BTW Drake you suck man, stick to rapping and get off the court.

  • Josh Zehtabchi

    Biggest joke I’ve ever seen. They ruined the All-Star game while ramming Sprite logos down my throat. Never will I ever buy another set of NBA tickets.