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Homer Bailey, Cincinnati Reds reportedly close on $100 million extension

When asked about talks about a contract extension and trade rumors last month, Cincinnati Reds starting pitcher Homer Bailey was wholly dismissive of the whole thing, saying that he did not want to hear about it and did not want to talk about it.

Would anybody be surprised if he was much more receptive to the topic if the Reds wanted to talk to him about six years and $100 million? Nope, and it sounds like that might have happened, as Paul Hoynes of the Cleveland Plain Dealer reports that the sides are close on just such an extension:

As he notes, that would indeed become a talking point as the Cleveland Indians prepare to go to arbitration with Justin Masterson. It would also check one task off the list for the Reds, who reportedly wanted to get deals done with Bailey and closer Aroldis Chapman.

One can hardly overstate how good Bailey was in 2013 (3.49 ERA, 8.6 K/9 in 209 innings). For the Reds to lock him at age 28 with that kind of track record, this has to be considered a solid move.

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