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Kobe Bryant reveals his NBA Mount Rushmore

Speaking at an All-Star Game press conference, Kobe Bryant indulged the talking point that has taken the NBA by storm in recent weeks.

What is your NBA Mt. Rushmore?

Bryant, showing his usual inclination to be humble and take the attention off himself (bitter sarcasm intended), listed the following four players and did not include himself:

Bryant did show his typical appreciation for the game’s history in this response. It is worth noting, however, that he shelved his alpha-dog tendencies and self-awareness about wanting to be one of the best ever to deliver his answer to what has otherwise become a tired topic.

You better believe this will become fodder for the Monday cycle of sports talk; it has a decent chance to be a hotter topic than anything that happens in the All-Star Game itself, especially given the recent trend. In the same interview, Bryant also took a bit of a shot at New York Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter:

Seriously guys, Kobe doesn’t like extra attention! Now please just let him return to his understated life and his preference to remain out of the spotlight at all times.

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