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Mark Mulder not ruling out another comeback

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Mark Mulder‘s return to Major League Baseball after five years away from the game was brought to a quick and sad ending before Spring Training had even hit full swing. While participating in some agility training with the rest of the Los Angeles Angels pitching staff, Mulder ruptured his achilles.

With that being such a serious injury, one might assume that the comeback ends here. Not so, says Mulder, even though he will likely have to work for another year to try and come back for next year’s Spring Training (quotes from

If it would’ve been an elbow, a shoulder, something happened, all right — ‘Hey, I’m out, see ya. Thanks for the opportunity…But to have this happen, it makes it doubly as hard…I’d love to say yes, but I don’t know. I have to wait and see what the doctors say — see what the process is of how healthy I can get it, how good it feels.”

That is the cruelty of this scenario in a nutshell. Mulder had arm troubles derail his promising career; if a recurrence of those problems had ended his comeback, he likely would have been able to process it more easily (not that he would have been happy about it). This is harder to figure, though, which might be why Mulder has not ruled out a comeback, at least not yet.

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