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Mark Teixeira plans to play 150 games for the New York Yankees in 2014

Things more likely than Mark Teixeira playing 150 games for the New York Yankees in 2014 include:

  • ESPN declining to discuss Johnny Manziel between now and the NFL Draft, saying he’s “just not that interesting anymore”
  • The Seattle Mariners being totally happy with the Robinson Cano contract for its entire 10-year life
  • LeBron James signing with the Milwaukee Bucks because he really wants a challenge, loves cheese curds
  • The Pro Bowl becoming cool
  • The Houston Astros winning the 2014 World Series

But hey, you’ve got to admire Teixeira’s optimism, right? He discussed his expectations for himself at Yankees camp this weekend (quotes from MLB.com):

I absolutely plan on playing 150-plus games this year. That’s my goal…Every now and then I’ll have a day off, of course. That’s just natural. You get beat up a little bit during the season, but I expect to have a healthy, productive season.”

To be fair, what else is Teixeira supposed to say? That he knows he’s going to get hurt, so don’t get your hopes up? He has already admitted that he will not 100% for much of the season, so it is hard to blame him for saying that he plans to play most of the team’s games this season. It’s just also hard to imagine it actually happening.

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  • William

    I disagree with your negative commentary. Look at his career stats. He has been a work horse for long stretches. Last year was obvious. The year before he missed 30 games. Before that except for a hiccup he has been a horse. How about Tex is an honest guy who gives his all and we have no reason to doubt a strong performance this year. Is that so hard?

    • New_Core

      Well put

  • New_Core

    Depending on where you read it Tex either hopes to play 150 or he is going to play 150 ??