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Sochi Olympics: Bob Costas to return to NBC coverage on Monday

Bob Costas and his infected eyeballs have made waves at Sochi this year, and NBC had to pull him off the air until he no longer looked like a zombie from The Walking Dead. Matt Lauer and a host of others filled in for Costas during his time off, but it appears he’s going to be coming back into our lives and be doing so with a healthy pair of eyes.

According to USA Today, Costas will be stepping back into his normal duties on Monday and carry on until the end of the Olympics — or until his eye infection flares up and starts spreading around Sochi.

NBC’s Bob Costas plans to make his return on Monday after being off the air for a week with an eye infection. The network said Sunday that Today host Matt Lauer will sub for Costas one last time on the Sunday night telecast, and that Costas is preparing for his return in prime time Monday.

Costas has become the talk of social media thanks to his red eyes, but he’ll be back on Monday to try and right the ship in terms of how he’ll be remembered for these Olympics.



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