Sochi Olympics: Final Men’s Hockey Standings

The preliminary round of the Sochi Olympics Men’s Hockey Tournament has finally concluded, and we now know the matchups for Tuesday’s playoff qualification games as well as Wednesday quarterfinals.

The top four seeds, which all receive an automatic bye to the quarterfinals, are Sweden (1st), United States (2nd), Canada(3rd) and Finland (4th).

The rest of the seeding and matchups are as follows:

No. 5 Russia vs. No. 12 Norway (winner plays Finland)
No. 6 Switzerland vs. No. 11 Latvia (winner plays Canada)
No. 7 Czech Republic vs. No. 10 Slovakia (winner plays U.S.)
No. 8 Slovenia vs. No. 9 Austria (winner plays Sweden)

The way the standings are set means that the United States would not face Russia or Sweden until the Gold Medal Game which is something that Americans have to be happy about. They can still face Canada in the semi-finals, however.


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