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Sochi Olympics: Slovakia’s goalie gives Russian player epic butt check (Video)

Slovakia and Russia faced off in the final round of the Olympic preliminary rounds today, which just so happened to include the butt check of the century.

Things started out relatively normal as Slovakia’s goalie, Jan Laco, wrapped himself around his net to secure a wayward puck sent down the ice. Everything looked good until Laco, upon his return to the net, realized he didn’t have the puck.

So did a Russian player who flew down the ice in hopes of snagging the loose puck with intentions of either scoring or at least setting up a goal thanks.

But Laco was having none of that. Realizing he wouldn’t have time to secure the puck with the Russian player flying towards him, Laco backed that ass up and delivered one of the most devastating butt check’s in recent memory. I mean seriously – look how hard dude hit the boards. That was a violet collision.

The best part was that Laco clearly baited him into the situation – all but begging him to come grab the loose puck and then BAM. Lights out.

Our own Josh Sanchez has the recap of the thrilling game, butt check and all.

But for now, enjoy the hit:

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