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Charles Barkley interviews President Barack Obama (Video)

During the NBA All-Star game we were treated to an interview between analyst and former player Charles Barkley and President of the United States Barack Obama. He started it off asking about LeBron James.

“You know LeBron, I know LeBron,” Obama said. “When you’re standing next to him and then watch him close up, I’ve never seen someone that size, that fast, who can jump that high, who’s that strong, who has that much basketball savvy all in one package. Now, I’m a Chicago guy, and Mike will always be the guy for me just because that was a magical moment for the city and he was a champion. But now that he’s retired, LeBron, when you look at him, you think he might be able to play at a high level for another seven, eight, 10 years. He’s 29 years old. In terms of every aspect of the game, LeBron has the chance to be as good as anyone.”

He also weighed in on Michael Sam coming in and commended him for coming out before the draft.

Terez Owens

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