Oct 16, 2013; Houston, TX, USA; Houston Rockets cheerleaders entertain fans against the Orlando Magic during the second half at Toyota Center. The Rockets won 108-104. Mandatory Credit: Thomas Campbell-USA TODAY Sports

NBA Trade Rumors: Rockets very active in trade talks

The Houston Rockets have said they don’t plan to trade Omer Asik, so it seems a little odd that they’re ‘as active as anybody’ in regards to the upcoming NBA trade deadline – this according to SportingNews.

Of course, being active doesn’t mean the Rockets are necessarily involved in trading Asik, but he is one of their biggest (if not the biggest) trade asset and there are plenty of teams interested in him, despite his price tag.

Regardless, potential Asik trade or not, the Rockets are doing what they can to make some time of move.

Still, Morey has been as active as any GM in the league, and is eager to bolster Houston’s power forward spot, where second-year man Terrence Jones has been the starter.

Morey has made a deal at the deadline since he’s held the the general manager position with the Rockets, so, if history repeats itself, we’ll see at least one more before the clock strikes on the 2014 NBA trade deadline.

In addition to a power forward, it’s been rumored (for weeks) the Rockets are also interested in adding a perimeter threat.

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  • Jah

    Daryl Morey really f**ked up signing both Asik and Lin to those riduclous contracts. Though Asik is worth his contract, Lin isn’t.

    And the thing about it, Morey is too much a dork to understand non-Black players are rarely the centerpiece of trades where a top-talent (normally Black players) is the target for said trade.

    Morey won’t settle low for Asik or Lin ——- he really have no choice, as I’ve warned last season when he inked Asik and Lin for contracts like that, and called them the “cornerstones” of the Rockets.

    Delusional Clown…..and stupid as a Dork. Smh.

    Even now, Morey still doesn’t get it as he still go after a bunch of European and White players where, later down the road, if we have to trade them, he will be in a worst spot than he is trying to deal Asik and Lin.

    White players, generally, are the weakest players in the NBA and nowhere as good or worthy as Black talents. This, Morey DO NOT understand.

    He refuse to see it that way, and wonder why there’s so much difficulty trying to get equal value for Asik and/or Lin. He doesn’t “get it” the players dominating the NBA and what these GMs “see” as the premium talents of the NBA.

    Right now, the Rockets have 5 such White players:



    Lin (though he’s Asians and his skills is similar to White players)

    Donatas Motiejunas

    Omri Casspi

    And we’re forced to play these guys because they make up the team, and there collective efforts and production is mediocre….and sucks.

    Even with that obvious revelation, Morey tried to acquire MORE White players in, R. Anderson, Mike Dunleavy and now, Illyasova. Just crazy!

    • Raymond Ayala

      Parsons is our 3rd best scorer and was consider to be an allstar with all these white players what is the Rockets record. He did bring are 2 superstars here who are African American. I dont agree with your theory.

      • Jah

        …and it’s those African Superstars that got us where we are right now. Without them, we wouldn’t be sitting 3rd place in a tough Western Conference

        For comparison, take the Wolves…they feature that sort of White Identity squad with Love and Rubio, Budinger, J.J. Brea and those guys. Where are they in Conference rank?

        That’s my point. And when GMs do trades, they look at stuff like that, and understand Black talents rules the NBA. The more you have, the better your team is positioned, in terms of having a good squad AND able to make trades for premium talents in the NBA.

        Case in point, look how easy it was to flip K. Martin and J. Lamb for Harden. Asik and Lin, as a duo, wouldn’t gave gotten us Harden.

        And because of that, we need to model our personnel going for the smarter talents, and stockpile on those talents.

        Having Asik, Parsons, Lin, DMO and Casspi isn’t exactly the assets you want to be in position to land a top-grade talents….whom are Blacks.

        • Raymond Ayala

          It takes a team to win regardless White Black Mexicans Chinese dont matter. Ask KM if they won all those rings with Boston cause of white or black players. I would rather have a team player white black than an arrogant ball hogger who complains when there losing.

        • Kirby

          “it’s those African Superstars” there are absolutely no African Superstars in the NBA right now, all the Black Superstars are ALL AMERICANS. If you are a African i’m sorry that you might have to accept the awful TRUTH.

          • Jah

            I meant, African American, dude. Hey, Im Black American, too…..we don’t even use the term “African-American” anymore.

            We’re “Black.” And prefer “Black-American.”

        • Javier

          Larry Bird Won a Championship as the best player on his championship team

        • Drake Bob Mitchell

          Are you retarded? Do you realize how many good not black players there are? Just look look at the All-Star Game. There were several not full black or black at all players there. K Love, Blake, Dirk, Tony P, Joakim, and Carmelo. Even the NBA logo was modeled after a white dude (Jerry West).

          • Jah

            Lol@ “not full black.” That’s an oxymoron. Just the fact they’re part Black, give them that edge, talent-wise. So, you mean to tell me Carmelo plays like a White boy? Haha….I think your argument is retarded in itself.

            Just one drop of “Black blood” allow Blake Griffin to play the way he does. It certainly isn’t his “White side” that make him jump so high and play with that swagger…..which is befitting of a Black player.

            And Kevin Love and Dirk Nowitzki are exceptions, just like Larry Bird was. Those are not the everyday “White Boys” of the NBA. And as good as they are/were, they’re still not as talented as the top Black Superstars of the game.

            It’s silly how Whites continue to try to divide Black People to deny their “blackness.” You’ll never hear those mixed-race Blacks in the NBA identifying their game as White players. Their talents, style and muscle-body coordination is indigenous to the Black Man’ body-composition and style of play than the White Man.

            So, let’s not act stupid. Black Talent is SUPREME in the NBA. And Whites, not so much. Otherwise, you’d have more trades centered around White Players, and more Superstars, White Players. We certainly don’t have that in the NBA. Most Superstar talents are Blacks.

    • Zach Perlman

      if a player is good he is an asset, it does not matter about skin color.

      I can’t believe there are still people who think DM doesn’t know what he is doing. Robbing James Harden from OKC and making the necessary moves to sign Dwight Howard isn’t near enough I guess.

    • White boy

      You are black….why aren’t you in the nba!! Cause you can’t play basketball…lol…

  • william escobedo

    Morey made a contending team with Kevin Martin as a the rockets best player in Morey we trust

  • Kirby

    Dude, if you think Asik is worth more than Lin, you clearly don’t know anything about NBA, just the Linsanity trade mark is worth way more than asik could make in his career just so you know.

    • Jah

      You just naive what sells as “talents” in the NBA. Even New York isn’t bending over backward to get Lin back, and right now, Morey would be willing to trade BOTH Asik and Lin to NY for T. Chandler and T. Hardaway Jr. And it isn’t the “Poison Pill” in that 3rd year, when it only counts as 8.3 against the book.

      NY is looking to acquire Jeff Teague from Atl. or K. Lowry. If Lin and his China-connection was so valuable, don’t you think the Knicks would be all over in favor of this move?? I mean, that’s where Linsanity started. And Lowry is making 7.5 millions a season; close to what Lin will make in his 3rd year. Teague makes around that too.

      So, why not go with Lin? They know what they getting with Lin but still oot for Lowry or Teague.

      They preferring that “Black Talent” over non-Blacks. That’s the bottom line! Like I said, you just naive.

      • Kirby

        What you are saying are all rumors, No front office in the league will trade Asik and Lin for Chandler and Hardaway Jr. And they did try to trade for Lin first, didn’t they? after all the ROCKETS declined thier offer. It’s silly that you think you know everyting about the NBA, when you say they perfering Black Talent over non-Blacks when they tried to get Lin before anybody, The Knicks wanted Lin ever since Linsanity started, they just doesn’t have money because Stoudemire and Chandler are both over paid.

        • Jah

          Wrong. The Rockets did not decline nothing. That’s YOUR rumor.

          The Knicks didn’t want to part with Hardaway and Chandler for Asik and Lin….the felt the Rockets was getting too much.

          However, the Knicks would be in better position to give up Hardaway for Lowry.

          What does thay tell you??

          • Kirby

            Oh my GOSH, i guess what they say about black people are so TRUE, MY rumor? LMFAO you can ask anybody that knows about basketball, The ROCKETS are getting too much @ Chandler and Hardaway Jr. ? Oh my Gosh, And Hardaway for Lowry? WHAT A JOKE!!!

          • Jah

            Dude, you “think” you know what your talking about. It was the ROCKETS that leaked the trade rumor, not the Knicks.

            The Knicks did not want to give up Hardaway, and Morey wanted Hardaway. I know you dont want to look like a fool that Im right, because then, it supports my points how GMs sees NBA talents, and does not feel a trade of Asik and Lin is equal in assets as Chandler and Hardaway.

            It is NOT me saying this, it is WHITE, NBA GMs and OWNERS making these decisions, okay?

            Im just explaining to you what they see as “worth” and “talent”…. and Blacks are the cream of the crop. Not Whites or Asians.

            Therefore, we can probably trade Asik and Lin for another White player or so. Sad, but that’s how it is…and equal their worth.

            Asik and Lin us NOT gonna land us a front line player (Black talent), dude. Unless a 3rd team is involved.

          • Kirby

            Dude, you call me a fool? I work for the Rockets and you are trying to make the argument with your logic against my facts, who’s the fool here? lol

          • Jah


          • Kirby

            Haha call me what you want, the truth will never change lol

          • Kirby

            #PaigeandJeremyforever :)

  • Raymond Ayala

    We have one of the best GM in the game if he would to be fired all the teams will be blowing his phone up. The Texans GM in the other hand must be who you are referring cause to he sucks.

  • Joshua Duenas

    Rockets are in a bad spot. With a terrible gm reputation and teams not wanting to trade with them, they need to trade two players, asik and Lin. They have till Thursday to trade and it’s not happening. Asik wants out and has a 14 mil contract next year. Lin is of little use to the rockets and has a hefty contract next year. Teams know that asik and Lin have huge contracts and any team will lowball them into a trade. The rockets should trade Lin and asik for anything they can find. This is why the poison pill does not work! Good luck on next years payroll trying to resign parsons. With Dwight, harden, asik, Lin there will be no money