NFL Mock Draft 2014 Pre-Scouting combine picks and predictions

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Later this week, some of the top draft prospects in the nation will meet in Indianapolis for the 2014 NFL Scouting Combine. It will be one of the biggest opportunities of the young players lives as they look to impress a stadium full of NFL scouts and personnel, so there could be some movement on the draft boards for each team once the combine comes to an end.

Before that happens, we wanted to take a look at the current NFL Draft landscape and give an idea of how things could play out if the 2014 NFL Draft were to be held today with our latest first-round projections.

What prospects could be on your favorite team’s radar?

Here is a look at the latest first-round projections:

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  • chas territo

    Josh, Please keep your crappy mocks away from Buffalo and the Bills. You know very little about the Bills as proven by your mocks and what little relevant reports you write. Nothing worst than an uninformed so-called writer who basically sucks at what he is supposed to be. You are not a natural writer. GO BILLS!!

  • Scott.

    I must admit I don’t follow buffalo a ton but they could do worse than a 6’8″ offensive tackle. I’m assuming you would rather the bills go defense? Josh, do you think that dallas and 49ers will swap picks again for a 2nd this time? Worked out ok for both teams and I’ve read recently that is a possibility if a few players that the 49ers like fall to 16/17.

  • SmartThinking

    You have half a dozen OT’s being drafted in the first round, all well over 6′ and 300lbs plus. Then you have Dallas drafting some DT at just 6′, 288 lbs. Oh! That’s just perfect! Another too small defensive player for Dallas who’ll get hurt going up against much bigger guys and stay that way, ala Ware, Lee, and nearly everyone else on the Dallas defense who can’t stay on the field because they’re always on IR!

  • Christopher Lewis

    Tennessee isn’t going to draft Derek Carr. Whisenhunt has made it clear that he wants to give Locker another chance. They have too many needs to draft a QB. Especially because Carr has the potential to be a bust just like his brother, David. I believe the Titans are going to draft Anthony Barr. They need some more pass rushers and Bar fits perfectly in Tennessee’s defensive scheme. If Locker doesn’t perform like Tennessee would like I see them drafting a QB next year, but not this year. I recently wrote an article on who Tennessee would draft in the first round:

  • Ralph

    No way HaHa falls that far. 9-15 for sure. Lol @ HaHa at 31st. Funny

  • Jared Myers

    I don’t see the Jags taking Clowney with Bridgewater, Manziel, and Carr still on the board and with QB being their overall biggest need. I think Clowney falls to the Raiders at #5.

  • Sasha Lopez

    There is >> NO WAY << Blake Bortles is going #1 overall. If anything surprising happens it'll be Bridgewater going #1 overall ( and yes I do believe Bridgewater is overhyped thanks to the media needing " the next black hope at QB "…and yes I did notice he had a MUCH weaker schedule the Manziel by far )

  • Caleb Shore

    There is no way the Titans will draft a QB in the 1st round. Not if Barr, Mosely, Gilbert, Ford, Ealy, Kouondjio, Nix, and a plethora of other real options are still on the board at #11. They will trade down before they take a QB at #11. Look for them to target a QB in the later rounds. I like Murray and Garopollo.

  • Luke

    The Lions need a WR,LB,S I think there going to draft a WR or LB in the 1st round! They already drafted Darius Slay who is 6 foot and is an athletic CB why would they draft another CB? I think they go WR in the 1st round LB 2nd round and Safety 3rd round