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NHL Trade Rumors: Philadelphia Flyers Still Interested in Shea Weber? Sam Morin Involved?

Last week, I wrote about a mailbag post that Tim Panaccio of CSN Philadelphia had about the Philadelphia Flyers still looking into the possibility of going after Shea Weber again. Well, he’s at it again this week.

This time, he focuses more on who the Flyers would give up up to the Nashville Predators. The player that he focuses on is prospect Sam Morin.

Morin was drafted by the Flyers in the first round of last year’s NHL Draft. He is another defenseman in the Zdeno Chara or Tyler Mylers mold as Morin is 6’7″. The fact that Panaccio compares him to Chris Pronger shows that he could definitely fit in with the Flyers style of play.

However, all those aspects are what the Predators would want in return for Weber. After all, they would be giving up their captain and their best player. They would need a lot in return, for sure including a defenseman and Morin would definitely fit the bill.

Asking his followers if they would give up Morin in a deal for Weber, it was a surprise that most said that they wouldn’t. It is not them in control however, and Panaccio also notes that we might not know who will be making the decision in Philadelphia either.

He mentions that Paul Holmgren might not be retained and be replaced, possibly by Ron Hextall.

None of this would happen at the Trade Deadline however. This is a trade that will happen at the Draft, if it happens at all. It would probably be a smart move for the Flyers as they are hosting the 2015 NHL Draft.

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  • Ryan

    I just wish that they could do it before the deadline. I personally like Haag more than Morin anyway. Plus Morin is still a question mark and Shea Weber is the real deal and in the prime of his career.

    By the time Morin is ready for NHL play and actually contributes as a top pairing defender(if that happens) some of this core might be broken up, and who knows about goaltending and other needs 3 years down the road.

    If it was me, I would do my best to send Morin, B Schenn and Coburn in a package… you might need to throw some picks in there, but not a 1st if Morin AND Schenn are involved. If you can substitute Luke Schenn for Coburn that woudl be ideal, but I think NSH would want a capable top pairing defender in return, and although coburn isn’t great, he’s much more viable option for that role compared to schenn.

    Point is… offensive is set for the next 3 years(Giroux, Harts, Voracek,Simmonds, Vinny, Read, Coots; hopefully Raffl resigns for cheap, rinaldo is back, and I like Hall for 4th line/PK/Faceoffs at a cheap price tag as well, and we’ll have to see where Laughton is) and it looks like we finally have a consistent goaltender who might have a bad game every now and then but has played almost a full year with the flyers and has been great, even when the rest of the team wasn’t… so now is the time for that missing piece and I think they have a surplus of offensive talent that could get you a return such as Weber EVEN BEFORE THE DEADLINE.

    But if not, I agree there will be a great deal of talking between NSH and PHI around the trade deadline. I just think if they do it now, you can go into the offseason KNOWING what you have and what needs have to be addressed rather than waiting to see what happens at the draft and having 1-2 weeks following to figure out what to do in FA.