Sochi Olympics: Canadian bobsledder takes bath in trashcan

Dec 6, 2013; Park City, UT, USA; Second place finishers Kaillie Humphries (front) and Heather Moyse of Canada, during the IBSF women tournament. Mandatory Credit: USA Today Sports

The list of #SochiProblems grows longer by the day, but for Canadian bobsledder Heather Moyse, they’ve went a bit too far.

Moyse was looking to take a bath in Epson salt in effort to sooth her pain and aches for her upcoming run, but there was a problem. The mountain village where she was at? There were no bathtubs (I’m shocked – aren’t you?). So she did what anybody else would do – grab a trash can, fill it up with water and hopped in.

Yep – you read that correctly. Moyse took a ‘bath’ in a trashcan. Even better? She documented it and posted it on Twitter:

First off, is it me or is that garbage can excessively large? What do they put in there? Elk?

And secondly, I’m going to assume that was a clean can or at least one that wasn’t used for trash, because, well, gross.

Certainly can’t question Moyse’s dedication to her sport though.

A bit odd they could find hot water to fill the trashcan but couldn’t find a tub to put it in.

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