2014 Sochi Olympics: Brazilian bobsled team in scary airborne crash (Video)

The women’s round of bobsledding kicked off recently, but it wasn’t without a very scary moment.

During Team Brazil’s run, it appeared as if Fabiana Santos and Sally Mayara da Silva gathered too much speed as they came around a corner of the track. That lead to the bobsled hitting the lip of the track and lifting it off the ice momentarily. Unfortunately, that’s all that was needed for a terrifying crash to take place.

As the bobsled caught air, it seemed to overcompensate and then landed on it’s side, unable to right itself. That lead to the two-woman sled team having their heads smashed into the frozen wall of the track, horrifying spectators.

Shockingly, both women (although obviously a bit dazed) came out of the bobsled uninjured and were able to complete their run today, though finished 18th out of 19th in the process.

Regardless, poor showing or not, I’m pretty sure they’re just happy they were able to continue their Olympic quest after avoiding potential disaster.

Watching her head snap back – ouch. Talk about lucky.

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