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Jimmy Fallon Tonight Show: Colbert drops bucket of pennies on Fallon, quotes Breaking Bad (GIF)


Jimmy Fallon took over The Tonight Show on Monday night and the show was truly a celebration of the new era taking over. While Fallon came out and gave an extremely humble opening monologue where he nearly teared up a few times, he flew right into his first bit post-monologue which featured various friends paying up on a bet.

The bit went that Fallon was told he’d never host The Tonight Show but now that he is, his friend who told him he wouldn’t had to pay up $100. This began a seemingly endless string of famous faces paying up their bet, with the best saved for Stephen Colbert.

While everyone from Lady Gaga to Julia Roberts and Robert De Niro gave Fallon $100 bills, Colbert brought out a bucket full of change to dump all over Fallon’s desk. He followed that up with one of the best lines of the night — straight out of the Jessie Pinkman book of awesome.




The bit is without a doubt Fallon’s first legendary bit, and it came just 20 minutes into his tenure as host of The Tonight Show. It was a great moment for Fallon and an even better way to get things kicked off right in this new era of an iconic show.


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