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Jimmy Fallon, Will Smith dance through evolution of hip-hop (Video)

The first night of Jimmy Fallon hosting The Tonight Show has come and gone, but the moments we loved most are hard to rank.

While his humble opening monologue killed in more than one way, and the now infamous $100 bet sketch got the new era kicked off right, we also saw the first Tonight Show sketch from Fallon as he and guest Will Smith took us through the history and evolution of hip-hop dance.

While everyone rightfully can’t stop talking about the $100 bet bit that Fallon kicked the show off with, the Will Smith dance was a highlight as well, and it being overshadowed and underrated after the fact.

Still, even if it’s going to take folks a while to come back to the sketch, it gave lots of skeptics faith that Fallon is indeed the guy for the job. He’s blending his work on Late Night with the style of The Tonight Show in brilliant fashion, with the hip-hop evolution sketch being an example of that.

We can expect plenty of signature Fallon sketch work on The Tonight Show and anyone who was doubting Fallon as the new host has a slew of examples why all hesitation needs to be dropped and we all need to dive head first into the awesomeness of The Tonight Show now that Jimmy Fallon has officially taken over.

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