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Marvel releases Guardians of the Galaxy trailer teaser (Video)

It’s a tedious idea, it’s incredibly tacky and seemingly pointless, but studios seem hellbent on releasing trailers that tease footage we will see in actual trailers full of footage contained in a yet to be released movie. Whether you love or hate trailer teasers is not the point here, as footage is footage no matter how you slice it, and that’s exactly why the comic book movie world is abuzz with excitement over the release of the trailer teaser for Guardians of the Galaxy.

Marvel will unveil the first trailer for the James Gunn film tonight on Jimmy Kimmel Live, but for now, the studio has released a 15-second teaser of what will be in store tonight. Here’s the complete trailer for the trailer of Guardians of the Galaxy:

The film is still not something that audiences are familiar with, but it seems to have an edgy tone that will both be hilarious and endearing at the same time. It’s a blend between Avengers and Star Wars and the results of the film are looking like they’ll be very positive.

Guardians of the Galaxy hits theaters this August and the first trailer drops tonight on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

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