Sochi Olympics: Russian curling captain Anna Sidorova poses in lingerie (Photos)

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Sochi, Russia: Russian curling skip Anna Sidorova yells at teammates down the course as she awaits the landing of her pitch. Mandatory Credit: USA Today Sports

The Olympic games have started to heat up – not only in regards to the competition, but the competitors as well.

Meet Anna Sidorova, captain (or skip) of the Russian curling team. The 22-year-old has taken not only the 2014 Sochi Olympics by storm, but the sport as well, adding some sex appeal to the normally mundane event.

Potentially hoping to bring the sport more attention (I think she accomplished that) or simply wanting to flaunt her assets, Sidorova posed for a few lingerie clad photos recently and the results were pretty impressive.

Unfortunately for Sidorova and her Russian teammates, they were eliminated from competition earlier today, finishing ninth out of ten teams with a 3-6 record.

It was expected Russia would be in contention for a medal (the women team, that is) but early struggles seemed to put an end to that thought.

Regardless, medal or not, no curling team received more attention than the Russian’s this year – and that seemed to be the idea behind the photos.

You can see the full photos by clicking here/clicking through.


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