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Champions League: Pep Guardiola knows Bayern Munich is the favorite over Arsenal

Arsenal and Bayern Munich are set to square off in a clash of the titans Champions League match. Both have spent time atop their respective league’s tables and it should be an intriguing match up, but despite that, Guardiola is still considered to be the favorite in the match.

“If we let them have the ball, we are going to suffer. So we have to make sure we monopolise the ball,” Guardiola said, via Sky Sports.

“I learned you can never dominate for 90 minutes against Arsenal. You can dominate for certain moments, but with these quality players at Arsenal, we have a problem.

“Arsenal are not a new team in this competition. I am pretty sure they will play to win the game, not for a 0-0.

“I know we are favourites – I can’t deny that. But I have to handle that, to live every game, to accept we are favourites.

“I would like to live without these feelings, but it’s impossible. I handled it before in Barcelona but we start 0-0, so now we have to show our level.”

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