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Jimmy Rollins is impressed with Ryan Howard's physique

This is the time of year, Spring Training, when Major League Baseball players wear tight training gear and talk about what great shape they are in. We hear a lot about what they ate this off-season, how much weight they gained or lost, and so on. It gets a little bit creepy, to be honest.

Well if you thought it was creepy before, just wait until you read Jimmy Rollins‘s description of Ryan Howard’s physique this spring:

The Big Piece is looking like he’s back…He looks fantastic. The first thing you notice is he looks hard. His chest has come back. His arms are looking like guns again. We’re doing running drills and the dude’s not limping anymore.”

Er…well…uh…hey, good for him, right?

The Phillies will rely mostly on guys like Rollins, Howard, and Chase Utley and their abilities to get healthy and productive again in 2014. Rollins sees this season as a chance to re-establish himself, something he thinks he is in position to do. A lot needs to get turned around for Howard to become anything close to the player he once got paid over $100 million to be. Maybe these improvements, described by Rollins in great detail here, are steps in the right direction.

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