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Kevin Durant was joking about 'Servant' nickname

Oklahoma City Thunder star Kevin Durant has publicly said he doesn’t like the “Slim Reaper” nick name. He says it is too dark and negative.

“That name is what it is,” Durant said, via CBS Sports. “It’s cool to have a nickname somebody else gave to you. It’s kind of weird if you make your own nickname up. But to have that out there, I guess, is cool. “I’m here to shine a bright light. I’m not here to be a guy of, I guess, death. We’ll see what happens with that, but I just like KD better.”

On Bill Simmons’ Grantland blog he suggested he wanted his nick name to be the “Servant.” It was an odd nickname for a basketball star, and now he is letting everyone know that he was kidding.


Durant has had other nicknames like “Durantula,” “K-Smoove,” “Flight 35″ and “Easy 30,” but none have stuck. Personally I liked Durantula.

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