Loser of USA vs Canada Must Keep Justin Bieber

When the United States takes on Canada on Friday afternoon in the semifinals of the Sochi Olympics men’s hockey tournament, the stakes will be high between the two nations. Not only will the winner get beer, but the loser will have to get something as well. And what they are getting may not make them happy.

The loser of tomorrow’s game will be stuck with Justin Bieber.

justin bieber

Personally, I feel this is a fair bet. If Canada loses, it has to take back one of their own. If the USA falls,  we must keep him here. That may sound risky, but, should the US somehow lose, at least we can put Bieber in Alaska or something. I mean, that’s closer to Canada than it is the United States so, no matter what, it may end up being a win/win for America.

Image courtesy: Command Sign


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