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Sochi Olympics: Would electric curling broom be more efficient?

If you are a fan of strategic sports competition, then it is very likely that curling is one of your favorite events in the Winter Olympics. Along with the skips who direct the curling stone, each team has a group of sweepers that use brooms to smooth out the ice and clear a path for the stone to pick up speed and more accurately land.

However, sweeping looks like it could be awfully tiring, so the folks at Dyson attempted to come up with a solution.

That is how the Dyson digital slim vacuum cleaner was born.

Dyson uses a V6 digital motor and a brush bar spinning at 4000rpm to smooth out the ice and make it easier on the sweepers. It sounds like a good idea, but does it work? Well, they completed a test and it looks like it just might do the trick.

From the press release:

The reason for sweeping the ice is twofold. Firstly, it removes the top layer of gritty ice to ensure smooth gliding of the curling stone.. Secondly the friction from the brush head gently melts the ice. This creates a thin film of water which can speed up the stone and ensure for a more accurate landing.

On closer inspection the Dyson DC59 appeared to do these jobs. Spinning at 4,000rpm, the motorized brush bar could effectively remove the top layer of ice. This would then cause the ice to melt, as the friction from the bristles creates heat. The powerful V6 Dyson digital motor would provide the power needed to scrub the ice quickly and efficiently.

A small V-ball at the base of the DC59 would give more maneuverability when reacting to the movement of the stone.

Here is their test to prove it:

How would you feel about using technology to enhance curling? Would it bring a welcomed new element to the game or would you prefer to see sweepers using the old fashioned brooms to do the job?

Sound off in the comments section below with your thoughts.

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