US President Obama and Canadian PM Harper at the 2012 North American Leaders’ Summit. Creative Commons: Embassy of Canada, 2012 - See more at:

Sochi Olympics: President Obama and Prime Minister Harper Place Bet on USA vs. Canada

With the United States and Canada set to square off in the women’s hockey Gold Medal game today and the men’s hockey semi-finals at the Sochi Olympics Friday, the two nation’s biggest leaders have decided to place a friendly wager on the game.

US President Barack Obama and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper have set the terms for the contests, and, let’s just say, they are pretty “hoppy”.

Two cases of beer up for grabs is nice and all, but the bigger question is just what size case of a beer. A simple six pack? A twelve? A thirty?!?!? If I’m the two sides, I need that to get clarified as soon as possible because the losing leader will likely want as much of the magic elixir as possible.


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