Talk of Seattle NHL Expansion Continues

seattle-skyline-pictureThe possibility of the NHL expanding to Seattle in the near future continues to pick up traction.

According to a report from Geoff Baker of the Seattle Times, a group of a about 30 sports, business and political leaders from the area are heading up to Vancouver to attend a ceremony hosted at BC Place, home of this year’s NHL Heritage Classic.

“You’ve got some people on the trip who have never been to an NHL game before,” Morton said. “So, at the very least, they’ll come back with a greater understanding of what hockey is and what it takes to present the sport to fans at the NHL level.”

From Baker:

By establishing a relationship with people at the Canucks level, certainly they deal with the NHL on a daily basis,” Walt Judas said. “So, they can certainly help give them the lay of the land and a feel for what the temperature of the league is with regard to how things could proceed.

Who knows if any of this will eventually lead to an NHL team in the Seattle market. With that being said, the city has made it no secret that they want a team, and the NHL is, apparently, listening.

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