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United fans to pay Champions League prices for Europa League games

Manchester United

Manchester United season ticket holders have learned that they will be charged Champions League prices for Europa League matches next season, should the club fail to finish in the top four of the Premier League, according to reports in The Independent.

The last time the club fell into the Europa League, two years ago after finishing third in their Champions League group, matches were excluded from season ticket prices.

This time round though, the “automatic cup scheme” will mean that prices are much higher than hoped. The scheme is massively unpopular with United fans – it also forces season ticket holders to buy a seat for FA Cup matches. With Europa League matches expected to cost around £50 ($83), there could be an impact on the number of renewed season tickets for next season.

If the Europa League is excluded from the scheme, then season ticket holders will have the option to buy their own seat for matches, rather than being forced to pay for them up front. Attending the extra matches gives fans higher priority when it comes to away matches and finals. 

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