USA Hockey sends Canada a message in commerical (Video)

Feb 19, 2014; Sochi, RUSSIA; USA goalie Jonathan Quick (second from right) is congratulated by teammates after defeating Czech Republic in the men’s ice hockey quarterfinals during the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games at Shayba Arena. Mandatory Credit: Scott Rovak-USA TODAY Sports

The United States and Canada are set to face off in the semi-finals of the men’s ice hockey competition at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi. The US women are playing the Canadian women in the gold medal game today.

Naturally there is a rivalry built in there, and even President Barack Obama is getting caught up in the action and betting some White House brewed beer.


Director Jamie Winterstern took it a step further creating his own “commercial” for the big game simply titled “Dear Canada.” It is an open letter from Americans who love hockey and are looking to curb Canada’s assumption that hockey is an after thought in the United States. The video shows young hockey players practicing while Jonathan Baron narrates and it will give you chills.

From the video’s about section on YouTube:

For every American kid who learned how to skate before they could walk. GO Team USA! A special thanks to the Bloomington Jefferson Jaguars and MSHSL.

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  • Peter Kitto

    In Canada we get ourselves up and tie our own skates!

    • Dan

      I respect the Canadian players. I respect the Canadian team. I respect
      the fact that Canada birthed the game I love more than life itself.

      don’t respect the idea that just because Canada founded the game that
      they should automatically win the game. You introduced the game to the
      rest of the world, and for that I thank you. You shared the greatest
      game on the planet with everyone on the planet, and for that you should
      be commended.

      If you think you should win the game because your
      country created it, then you have missed the point. The point of hockey
      is competition. As an American I hope we forever do as much as possible
      to match your competitive nature, and win as many games as possible
      because we competed harder.

      • Peter Kitto

        No team automatically wins any game. Competition is about preparation and the will to give it your all.

        • skcusyekcoh

          Your all wrong… hockey sucks. Go to Canada is ya love it so much.

          • Mike Wensel

            Shut up you tool.

          • Jason Radey

            30 million compared to 300 million and who has more medals! Canada has always been better than the US. We have better ethics, social programs, health care, you name it. The world loves us, can’t say the same thing about you. Psss hey I heard some third world country needs invading, 20 bucks says you can’t beat them on your own!

      • Keona Thrasher

        I agree we Shouldn’t win just because we invented it……WE should Win because WE will fight for it and earn it through heart sweat and blood ( not too much blood we don’t want anyone really hurt). WE will win because WE as Canadians are on the ice with them in Spirit and WE have their back. I wish for both teams to have an AMAZING game.

      • car

        Canada never automatically wins the game…. like you said, its a competition and we outplay you to win.

      • Elizabeth Freeman

        I hope Obama got lots of beer brewed to send north….lol

  • Perry Law

    Enjoy tying your own skates for the bronze medal game. Team Canada is almost as overhyped as Russia. Enjoy that 3vs4 game!

    • josh

      Ha you surely know hockey ……

    • Ross Gudwer

      Yes us Canadians are totally overrated. Never mind the fact we have the best players in the NHL and that the greatest friggin player to ever live was canadian. Go home troll.

      • Perry Law

        I suppose you have a tough time with reading comprehension. What I’m saying to you is TEAM CANADA is overrated obviously not the individual Canadian players. Your country absolutely does have the most talented players in the world. I am from Pittsburgh, I watch the current best player in the world disappear in the playoffs every year now. Gretzky, Lemieux, and Orr are all Canadian and probably the 3 greatest ever. What is your point? USA plays as a team, Canada is a bunch of superstar INDIVIDUALS. USA will win and the holier than though Canadians will cry themselves to sleep. Enjoy your womens gold.

        • carol

          bahahahaha Are you crying yourself to sleep?

        • Sherry Westhora

          wel at least USA has hopes for a bronze….GOLD is Canada’s

        • kwoosy

          I hope you are eating your words now….lol….we are going for the gold…..

        • Ethan Hitchon

          Canada- 1 USA- 0. Enough said

          • Pui Mongkonprajak

            finland 5 – usa 0 final word

        • Scott Farnell

          When you go watch a NHL game in any one of your American cities remember this: most of the players on any given USA team were born in Canada……..jackass

        • Jason Smith

          Actually, team Canada played great team defence, like every other game they have won. Overrated? Playing for Gold again and handed the USA defeat again. Russia played as individuals, the Canadians were a cohesive unit out there. There were few second passes, or good chances given up. Don’t cry too hard there analyst of the year.

        • Perry Reibling

          Lol. How did that go for you? Team vs superstars? Canada is always a team first.

        • Jason Radey

          Hey how are those hotel rooms looking in Sochi? Has Team USA destroyed them in a tantrum like they did after the loss in Torino! USA your whole country is over rated. Hey no one will ever say it to your face. No one really likes you. You’re like the rich kid on the street. We just hang with you because you have cool toys. You have no ethics, you lie, steal and cheat. This goes from your athletes to your politicians and businessmen.In the end if you don’t have your allies with you, you can’t even win a conflict with the simplest of people . If I’m wrong please correct me. Oh wait you did win a war, the civil war but I guess half of you loss that as well. Sucks to be from the south. A Nation whose wealth was obtained from the work of men in chains!

          “LIVESTRONG AMERICA” (Livestrong,, LOL.. America summed up in one word!)

        • Elizabeth Freeman

          What Happened to your wonderful US mens team, embarrassing final score,

        • Elizabeth Freeman

          Perry this one’s for you

        • eastcoastpr1de

          individuals…did you actually just say that? You’re absolutely nuts, we proved you wrong when we beat you guys 1-0 and today as we won GOLD…ain’t it a beautiful thing? And your team came into the bronze medal moping around cause you came up short against us, and you guys DEFINITELY showed great teamwork against the Finns, I was so impressed. LOL if you wanna talk the back, you better back it up. Go Canada Go

    • tonywellington

      Good luck against Finland, Team USA!

    • Sherry Westhora

      hmmm guess you will be tying your skates for the bronze as Canada battles for the GOLD… oh dern

    • Guest

      I hope you sugar coated your words. We are extremely humble but passionate. For your ridiculous comments I say on behalf of myself and all of Canada, good game, nice try and finally enjoy that 3vs4 game!! GO CANADA GO

    • Jason Smith

      Get your boys’ mommas to tie theirs for the 3/4 game. lmao

    • Elizabeth Freeman

      lol who’s playing for the bronze?

    • Alex Lowe

      Well let you tell us how that feels

  • josh

    It takes the Olympics for 75% of the US population to actually be interested in hockey, plain and simple.

  • Jesse James Richard

    USA is the other hockey superpower. Silly to believe otherwise. Silly to underestimate them. Equally silly to underestimate Canada. I will basically feel nauseous for about 3 hours tomorrow.

    Can’t wait.

    • Pui Mongkonprajak

      nope the game I want to see is canada vs the soviet union those are the two superpowers of hockey. now Russia isn’t as good as the old soviet union (best sports team ever) but I still rather watch them play that USA. (I am Canadian)

      • William Anthony Suder

        I would have to say I disagree but you seem set in your ways of thinking. Plus can’t wait to see Canada get their butts kicked by the US team. Also the soviets really are nothing like they were but I hope they kick your Canadian butts too

        • Pui Mongkonprajak

          when is the USA going to kick Canada’s butt? the usa only does good at the Olympics when it is held in North America, else they don’t medal. so I guess you mean 2026 at the earliest since 2018 is in Korea and no American city is biding for 2022.

  • Andrew

    Minnesota represent!

  • Andrew montgomery

    Team USA, nice video with no history or nostalgic value. Let the best team win tomorrow. Sorry (Canadian term), for being so blunt about a pretty basic video. Maybe google Sidney Crosby 2010 when you have a chance on how to evoke an emotional response to viewers.

    Today, 30 million+ people watched and celebrated an Olympic gold in Canada while less then 30 million people in the USA knew team USA women were battling for gold out of 314 million people. Yes we invented the game and thank you for recognizing that but the different is we live and breath the game 365 days a year and not just every four years. This sport ties our country together and it is something we love and cherish as you do living in the land of the free and home of the brave, which we greatly respect as a country. We are thankful and love you as a country but tomorrow is more than a game to us, it is our heritage, our passion, our joy. Let the best team win, but no matter the outcome, our heritage, passion and joy won’t change as a country as we are Canadian. #wearewinter.

    • Aaron

      Take the bottom half of the US out of the mix. You can take half our population and dismiss it from the numbers. Hockey is only big in the North. Primarily Minnesota, Michigan, Wisconsin, Massachusetts and Ohio. These states live and breath the game 365 days a year. Florida doesn’t even know what snow or cold weather is. I take nothing away from Canada, but don’t throw the ones in America under the bus that breath it. I’m from Michigan and I’ve played hockey since I was 3. On the ice 5-6 days a week all year. Hockey is the greatest sport in the world. But we play it too. And we play it well. Canada edged us out this year by a single goal. It only makes looking forward to the next Olympics. Or even the World Championships where Canada has failed to medal since 2009. Amateurs or not, the world is catching up. Canada may be number one now but all good things come to a competitive edge eventually!

      • Alex Lowe

        The thing is there is no part of Canada that doesn’t know hockey. Its not the cold part of the country its all of and for Canada theres only 1 medal in Olympic Hockey good enough for us and no excuses. Hockey is our game and WE ARE WINTER

  • Ross Gudwer

    Go Canada! Even it may not just be our game anymore we are still the best!

  • Joel

    It doesnt matter how many pople watch it. -_-

  • SeanyA

    What a bunch of idiots. The better team at that moment will win. For most in the US, hockey is not big on their radar until the Olympics. That’s true. But have no doubt that there are plenty of passionate fans on this side of the border who love this game just as much. Remember it was the US team that slayed the mighty Russians in 1980. Also note that the presence of US players in the NHL is increasing every year. Good luck to both and I hope we have a game for the ages.

    • guest12345

      I agree the better team in the moment wins (and they did). I also agree having played and lived in both countries that there is definitely passion (growing) on the American side but in my opinion it is apples and Oranges, Canada lives and breathes Hockey in the USA does not compare. To put it in perspective most if not all schools in Canada cancelled classes this morning to watch the game, can the USA say the same?
      Also yes the Americans managed to beat the USSR in 1980, which is awesome, But Canada had already proven that their best were better in 1972 (google 72 summit series) and Canada did not send their best (read: top professionals) to Salt Lake in 1980 (Only USSR sent “professionals”).
      But Enough about history the USA, Sweden and Canada are definitely the top 3 in the world and I cant wait to see the Gold Medal game Canada v Sweden.

      • Elizabeth Freeman

        Don’t forget we also have the best curling teams 2 golds in that!

  • Pamela Di Gesare Carter

    there are thousands of MOMS who also tie those laces – great video but Hockey is NOT just for Dads and their sons – it is for families who love the game!!! Moms and their boys, Dads and their girls – whatever -

    • Wearing Winter

      Yes, because the Canadian women also won gold, not just the men!!!!

  • Matthew J. Holland

    ha silly Our sport because we have the best players in the world btw we just scored

    • Matthew J. Holland

      :) point proven sorry america

      • Mr. Hilary LaBrash

        Let’s be reasonable about this. My Saskatchewan, Canada sons play European football and American football. Not interested in hockey. I am. Canada may have been able to field a team that would not have included any of the current Olympians and still medalled. Compare the salaries of the Canadian team that won and the American team that lost. The American team that lost played like heroes, no mistake. If the best team wins on Sunday, Canada will win another gold medal. Another truism, Angola will never compete for this medal. Carey Price may be the best goaltender in the world. Who was that guy from Latvia? What did he do? Oh, he lost 2:1 to Canada; what a loser. How many Americans take hockey seriously? That is that particular population base to compare to Canada. The Finns have like 5 million people. Are we 6 times as good as they are? I don’t think so. Humility lesson. How many do the Swedes have? The Soviets sold out to the almighty dollar and lost their hockey soul. They have the most gifted forwards in the world, but will not medal. My hope is that Sidney and Martin assist on P.K.’s only goal in the final and Canada wins 1-0, without Crosby scoring a goal. Do you really think he will care? The answer is no: he’s a winner and a Canadian. Has there ever been a defensive core in hockey history that has played like this one? They may not be Bobby Orr but they are all Bobby 2 X 7. OMG? You have already made Canada proud. Class. Whatever happens on Sunday, you are Canadian, so you must win or lose thusly. So proud, I am Canadian.

  • Capt. Canada

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha !!! That is all.

  • Colin James

    Major LOLZ

  • Polarbare

    It’s not Olympic hockey…it’s just another NHL game. Bring back amateurs and then you might have a game. And as for the Bloomington Jefferson High School team…lets just say indoor rinks are nice to play on as a rare treat…but the real game is still played outdoors.

  • Tommy Fait

    americans butthurt like always lol… if you ignore them they’ll eventually go away..

  • Canadian Bacon

    Just wanna revisit this for a second, good luck with bronze!

  • Shane

    Nice Video good to see a American hockey video. As a Canadian we got the message loud and clear, but you have to wake up alot earlier then you are now. Gold Sunday.

  • 163_1

    Dear America:

    A compelling video
    Straight from the heart
    But let’s get this straight
    Right from the start

    You’ve got space travel
    And the Academy Awards
    You’ve got freedom
    Chevy’s ,Chryslers and Fords

    You’ve got Kentucky
    To show the best jockey
    We still love our neighbors
    But we are hockey!

    We still share the same real estate
    We share the same beliefs
    We share the same happiness
    And we share the same griefs

    We will always be neighbors
    Even if things might get rocky
    You folks stick to football
    Cause we will always be hockey

    ..But we still love ya USA!!

    James Hudson Smith

    • bwglive

      You spelled Neighbours wrong. Nice Poem though.

  • GrahamCEO

    Well isn’t this cute…

  • LarryLar

    You can keep football

  • Perry Reibling

    Nice try. Hope many American folks will truly watch this with pride and nostalgia?

  • John Thompson

    Dear America, We know this, you are our Brothers and sisters! Although this did not go your way this time, there is always a next time, and in the spirit of competition, we will be ready! But make no mistake, we will also be cheering you on in the Bronze metal game! There has never been and will never be another national relationship like we have with America. Thank you for the challenges as it only makes us both better, and tomorrow we will start preparing all over again, but today, let’s just have a few drinks and enjoy each other as good neighbours should! Cheers my friends!

  • Pui Mongkonprajak

    was this made before USA lost to Canada or lost to Finland and failed to win a medal?

  • londontommy


  • PSUDelta

    To make a blanket statement about what Canadians “assume” is, well, an assumption. Hockey is Canada’s game. It is a major part of our heritage and identity. Whether or not it is as prominent or important in the U.S. is irrelevant. However, when your country AS A WHOLE values hockey as much as Canada does, then we can talk. As an aside, let’s talk about the extremely talented Canadian football players who can’t get the time of day from U.S. college coaches because they “assume” that football is an afterthought in Canada.

  • Real M-Fing talk !!!

    blah,blah, blah, blah…. i will translate, in short Canada said, Hey Yanks … “Tell me how my A33 taste” – yours friends from the north

  • Roadpig1992

    We made our own little video about Why Canada Loves Hockey –

  • Tom J Marshall

    Thanks to our American cousins. Thank You for sending the best team you could. A bounce either way could have had Canada in the bronze game this am. I know the next time it could be a very different outcome. You honour the game we call ours, but in truth are so happy to share with such worthy opponents.

  • In MacT we trust

    I’m glad the Team USA has improved to a point they are competitive with Team Canada but Americans will never understand and cherish the game like Canadians do. Our premier (or Canadian provincial Governor if you will) here in Alberta has passed legislation to allow the sale of alcohol at 5 am tomorrow, coincidentally the exact start time of the gold medal game. No one worked on Friday in lieu of the game against USA (obviously an exaggeration but really not that much of one, I run a welding shop and the moment I walked in Friday morning my crew asked if they could take off early for the game and of course I obliged so I could do the same). I have friends and neighbors (or neighbours up here if you will) coming over at 5 am to watch it. I put my kids to bed early tonight so they could watch it. It’s in us, it is us, and the only thing we’ll ever be cocky about. When someone bad mouths our team they hurt us inside (I’m an Oilers fan, we’ve been getting kicked in the teeth for 20 years). Canadians love hockey more than Americans love football. You can turn on the local sports network in Edmonton (TSN 1260) on August 5th and hear endless talk about hockey. We’re obsessed, it’s a serious problem really, and it’s getting worse…

  • guest

    this video kinda reminds me of two kids fighting with eachother for praise. America being the one that says,”Hey! I can do that too, give me some credit, too!” It just seems a bit childish.

  • Sandra Webster Bonnar

    I am a proud Canadian always…but especially watching our ladies take the Gold in Hockey. I love our neighbors the USA, however I was embarrassed for them as a nation when I viewed the American ladies receiving their silver medals. They should have stood proud and sang their anthem as they are the best in their nation…but instead they sulked on the podium. Today Canadian men won gold..and the Finnish men were proud to win the bronze medal…someone could learn a lesson there. Congratulations Canada you skated on Golden Pond.


    Let me say this. I may be Canadian. I am a fan of Hockey. But Hockey is not who I am. Football’ America is not who you are either. Those are games, sports to distract and entertain the mind while we live out our lives. I am an immortal spiritual being having a human experience, just as you are too. Enjoy the Hockey game and may the best team win!

  • Andy H

    Hockey (shinty/hurling) is over 2,000 years old. Ice hockey was started in Scotland. Canadians organized it and played it like rugby. They did not invent ice hockey.

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