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Vince McMahon finally comments on CM Punk

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After a month of CM Punk being gone from the WWE, Vince McMahon has finally commented on the situation. Ever since things were flipped upside down and Punk told Vince that he was leaving, people have been waiting for at least one of the two to speak about what was happening.

Today during a conference call with McMahon and some investors, it was obvious that someone was going to ask about the current status of the former WWE/World Heavyweight Champion. Punk has been one of the companies more popular Superstars in recent years and has been picking up a lot more attention from not only the WWE Universe but the world of mixed martial arts.

According to NoDQ.com, Vince McMahon apparently said that CM Punk was taking a ‘sabbatical’. A sabbatical is pretty much taking an either unpaid, or in Punk’s case, a paid leave from a job. It doesn’t necessarily mean that Punk is done with the company, but it could be Vince trying to bring down the heat a little bit.

We’ll find out if this happens to be a work or not within the next couple of months. Hopefully it is, because we all know that there’s a lot left in the tank.

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