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Sochi Olympics: Rob Ford lost his mind when Team Canada won gold medal in hockey (GIF)

It’s been a rough past few months for Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, as he’s been the subject of some not so flattering press thanks to the attention his personal life has gotten while in office. He’s been late night fodder, railed by his American neighbors and alienated politically in Canada.

But if there’s one thing that brings everyone together in Canada, it’s hockey and the women’s gold medal victory over Team USA on Thursday afternoon brought the house down in City Hall. Deadspin found CTV footage of Ford losing his marbles in a not so negative way as he watched Team Canada beat the American in a thrilling overtime gold medal game.

Of course, this doesn’t change how people perceive Ford but it does show that even if for a single moment, all your problems can be washed away. In that moment, Ford wasn’t the embattled mayor of Toronto, a tabloid sensation or an embarrassment to his country.

Credit: Deadspin

He was just a Canadian celebrating the victory of perhaps the most exciting event at the Sochi Olympics so far, and if that’s not what sports are for than we’ll never know.

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